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Why LAURASTAR products are so Unique

Why are LAURASTAR products so unique

High pressure steam

All LAURASTAR products have pressurised steam. This steam is diffused continuously with a pressure of 3.5 bar and its micro-fine texture does not dampen the material. This procedure guarantees excellent quality of ironing from beginning to end.
As it is heated twice, there is double the amount of extra strong steam coming out of the iron to penetrate deeply into fibres and eliminate instantly the most stubborn creases. This makes ironing incredibly quick and easy. Laundry rejuvenated in this way retains its perfect finish for a very long time.

Integrated ventilation

With a 16 VA ventilation system, LAURASTAR ironing boards have an integrated vacuum and blower system forpreventing creases and eliminating seam marks. It is controlled automatically on the model's MAGIC i-S6 and MAGIC i-S5. This unique process meets the demand for perfection and quality of the most meticulous users.

Almond-shaped soleplate

The rounded shape of the soleplate on the iron makes it possible to iron in any direction without creasing.

Any material, any garment

  • An additional SOFTPRESSING soleplate is supplied with all products.
  • This plate protects and reduces the iron surface temperature for ironing delicate materials (silk, angora, velvet, garments with appliques).
  • It prevents dark garments from becoming shiny and transfers from sticking to the iron.

In short...